Thursday, 25 August 2011



Just got paid and I'm going to repurchase some old favourites I've almost ran out of and try out some new things - clearly all back-to-school essentials...  I should probably buy a pencil case or something too.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Days this week have been spent with my hair scraped back in an unflattering ponytail, baking to make people like me and smoking furiously.  I've spent plenty of time in bed listening to music, watching unintelligent movies and pointless documentaries and stalking erstwhile friends.  In the evenings I've either lazed on the couch with cups of tea, or stumbled from bar to bar between glasses of Bombay and soda water. All blatant avoidance tactics.

I'm procrastinating packing to a ridiculous degree right now; I know it doesn't really seem like such a big deal since I've got a whole week to get all my things together, but I actually own so much rubbish.  What person, let alone a girl who claims to love fashion, needs 30 fake tan stained t-shirts in various discolouring shades of white?!  I've got hundreds of balled up pieces of till roll with notes I've written to myself at work stashed in my bedside table, clothing tags that I thought were particularly pretty and more glitter, sequins and rhinestones than is probably appropriate for someone who was in full-time employment and trying to act like an adult.  I'll admit it - I'm a hoarder.

I'm going to get my act together tomorrow.  I'm going to become ruthless and although it'll pain me to do so, I'm going to throw out anything I haven't worn in the past 6 months.  I'm anticipating that this will be around half my wardrobe as most of my clothes are leftovers from when I was thin.  I'm going to be following the new One-In One-Out policy my best friend has recently devised in an attempt to create a capsule wardrobe which will evolve as I do into an Ultimate Girl*.

- Holly

*more on the concept of the "Ultimate" to come in the future, but for now I'll just let you know that she is definitely not anything like Carrie Bradshaw.  I'm currently watching the Sex and the City movie and I can't understand why women fawn over her like she's some sort of an icon for a generation - she's not.  She's a needy, selfish brat with deplorable taste in clothing and men and I despise her and her friends.

Thursday, 18 August 2011



Oh shit, it's just blacks on blacks on blacks.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's been a while, so this will be a combination of the past week and the best of the last few months.

Listening:  (Click through for favourites) House of Balloons - The Weeknd, Nostalgia/Ultra - Frank Ocean, Hoodmorning #notypo: Candy Coronas - The Game and most recently,  the highly anticipated Watch the Throne - Jay Z & Kanye West.  The first time I listened to WTT I was a little disappointed - there wasn't one song that I instantly loved and there were a couple that I just felt weren't album worthy.  I listened again and again and I adore it now.  Stream the full album here to see what I mean.
Watching:  I've done nothing for two days but watch movies that I'd be mortified to disclose the titles of so publicly, but let's just say that one of them really could have benefitted from a little Lohan.  A couple of weeks ago I went to see the French adaptation of Douglas Kennedy's "The Big Picture" (the book that made me decide on Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc as my favourite wine at the age of twelve).  It was beautifully shot in Paris and on the Adriatic coast and starred the super handsome Romain Duris who I'll never tire of looking at.  I've also watched the "Otis" video about 50 times.
Reading: I went to Portugal with my family for a week in July which finally allowed me the peace I needed to tear myself away from the internet and read more than three pages at a time.  The most noteworthy book I read was "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan, a historical novel documenting the illicit love affair of Mamah Borthwick Cheney and the famous Frank Lloyd Wright from the female's perspective.  I was only vaguely familiar with the architect's work but after reading this book I felt compelled to properly research their lives and was fascinated to discover how accurate the story was.
Wearing:  I'm trying not to go out so often and so at the moment I practically live in my work dress or camouflage shorts.  Oh, and I also dressed up in my friend's work uniform.
Wanting:  Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout Combat Boots, someone to do all my packing for me and just one more month in Glasgow, please?
Eating: 4+ apples/day, far too many homemade brownies and cookies and Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad from Tesco.
Buying:  these rings and a Tangle Teezer for my ratty extensions.
Dreaming of:  being thin and the entire Liberty Loves Hello Kitty collection.

Nail update:

GOSH Frou Frou with pearls and rhinestones from the craft store.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I only have two weeks now before I pack up my life and move back to my parents' house.  It hadn't really hit me until very recently that my whole life is about to change - for a long time it just seemed so far away that it felt like it was never actually going to happen.  I'm leaving behind my best friends, my job, my home and my independence in the hope that this year I'll finally be able to sort myself out and start doing something productive.  I'm excited to begin something that I enjoy, excited to be close to people who can look after me and excited to have a more balanced diet than gin, apples, prawns and brownies.  Yet, at the same time I'm terrified; I've been having even more trouble sleeping than usual and I am plagued with nightmares about growing apart from everyone I love and finding myself stuck in a small-town life I don't want.  I am honestly the biggest drama queen. More realistically I'll have way more money to spend on clothes, way more time to spend in the gym, way less desire to drink to excess and I'll be back here in a year's time.  Naturally I haven't even thought about packing, cleaning or making arrangements because I'm much happier planning out my Autumn/Winter look and scanning the internet for things I'll buy when I don't have to feed myself.  Here are a couple of things I'd like to purchase when I return to the life of a full-time brat/part-time student:

A/W Accs 1

Now I'm off to make brownies and cookies for the girl it'll break my heart to leave behind, watch Lost in Translation and drink lots of green tea.