Thursday, 22 September 2011

A few photos from my teeny new bedroom.  In the frames are my dream babes Gaga & Kanye.

In a few days time it'll be a whole month since I've been here.  Living at home been an enormous change for me and although I was dreading it, as so many people told me, it's been absolutely fine.  Of course there have been a few teething problems (mainly me being a brat like no-one has ever experienced before) and I obviously miss all the people I care about, but honestly it feels like I'm still visiting.  I'm not upset and I'm not stressed out, I'm very level headed and focussed on what I'm doing.

College is probably the thing that's been the most difficult to adjust to.  Firstly, I feel really strange not getting up every day and getting ready for another day in the shop.  Being in a classroom from 9-5 is very different to working those hours and I'm so much more motivated even though I'm getting up at least an hour earlier.  I take care over my hair and make-up, I make an effort to do my nails and put on jewellery and I relish wearing heels every day as it's no longer a chore.  Secondly I feel like I'm the oldest person in my class, I genuinely heard a girl lamenting her 19th birthday last week!  I found out this week that I'm actually not the oldest, but I'm definitely the shyest - it's taken me until week four to actually speak without being spoken to, I'm slowly gaining confidence in my work and in myself and I might take my headphones out in class one of these days!

I spend all my money on art supplies, all my spare time doing work that I haven't done in class - it takes me practically ten times as long to complete a task as anyone else - and I feel like I've changed slightly.  I've had alcohol one night in almost four weeks (and it was so worth it, such a dreamy night out with my bezzie) and I don't binge eat.  I go to bed at a semi reasonable time and I never sleep late. And I managed to get a job. I seem to have finally grasped the concept of moderation but we'll see how long this new, sensible, resolve lasts for...!

- Holly


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you rocking those sparklies from NL in ELG #partyprincess

Jackson L said...

It sounds like you are going through the exact same thing I did when I left for the lights of London. It is really kool to slowly get more and more confident in yourself and be a little more content, isn't it?

Impressive. Well done!

Much love,

Jackson L.