Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's been a while, so this will be a combination of the past week and the best of the last few months.

Listening:  (Click through for favourites) House of Balloons - The Weeknd, Nostalgia/Ultra - Frank Ocean, Hoodmorning #notypo: Candy Coronas - The Game and most recently,  the highly anticipated Watch the Throne - Jay Z & Kanye West.  The first time I listened to WTT I was a little disappointed - there wasn't one song that I instantly loved and there were a couple that I just felt weren't album worthy.  I listened again and again and I adore it now.  Stream the full album here to see what I mean.
Watching:  I've done nothing for two days but watch movies that I'd be mortified to disclose the titles of so publicly, but let's just say that one of them really could have benefitted from a little Lohan.  A couple of weeks ago I went to see the French adaptation of Douglas Kennedy's "The Big Picture" (the book that made me decide on Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc as my favourite wine at the age of twelve).  It was beautifully shot in Paris and on the Adriatic coast and starred the super handsome Romain Duris who I'll never tire of looking at.  I've also watched the "Otis" video about 50 times.
Reading: I went to Portugal with my family for a week in July which finally allowed me the peace I needed to tear myself away from the internet and read more than three pages at a time.  The most noteworthy book I read was "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan, a historical novel documenting the illicit love affair of Mamah Borthwick Cheney and the famous Frank Lloyd Wright from the female's perspective.  I was only vaguely familiar with the architect's work but after reading this book I felt compelled to properly research their lives and was fascinated to discover how accurate the story was.
Wearing:  I'm trying not to go out so often and so at the moment I practically live in my work dress or camouflage shorts.  Oh, and I also dressed up in my friend's work uniform.
Wanting:  Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout Combat Boots, someone to do all my packing for me and just one more month in Glasgow, please?
Eating: 4+ apples/day, far too many homemade brownies and cookies and Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad from Tesco.
Buying:  these rings and a Tangle Teezer for my ratty extensions.
Dreaming of:  being thin and the entire Liberty Loves Hello Kitty collection.



i really like wright's approach, maybe not so much into organic architecture, more into modernism itself. when i was watching julius shulman documentary it was striking - the energy in him and all architects he worked with; at late age still so active. wright finished up with his masterpiece in his 90s...

Holly Heart. said...

I found myself fascinated by Taliesin and his vision for it being "...not on the land, but of the land". I admit that, although I think the Guggenheim is absolutely beautiful, I don't know much about his later works. I'm definitely going to find that documentary tomorrow. He was a really interesting character that I'd like to know more about. XOXO