Saturday, 13 August 2011

I only have two weeks now before I pack up my life and move back to my parents' house.  It hadn't really hit me until very recently that my whole life is about to change - for a long time it just seemed so far away that it felt like it was never actually going to happen.  I'm leaving behind my best friends, my job, my home and my independence in the hope that this year I'll finally be able to sort myself out and start doing something productive.  I'm excited to begin something that I enjoy, excited to be close to people who can look after me and excited to have a more balanced diet than gin, apples, prawns and brownies.  Yet, at the same time I'm terrified; I've been having even more trouble sleeping than usual and I am plagued with nightmares about growing apart from everyone I love and finding myself stuck in a small-town life I don't want.  I am honestly the biggest drama queen. More realistically I'll have way more money to spend on clothes, way more time to spend in the gym, way less desire to drink to excess and I'll be back here in a year's time.  Naturally I haven't even thought about packing, cleaning or making arrangements because I'm much happier planning out my Autumn/Winter look and scanning the internet for things I'll buy when I don't have to feed myself.  Here are a couple of things I'd like to purchase when I return to the life of a full-time brat/part-time student:

A/W Accs 1

Now I'm off to make brownies and cookies for the girl it'll break my heart to leave behind, watch Lost in Translation and drink lots of green tea.  



Jackson L said...

You have a great blog. It is very entertaining.

I look forward to more posts. :)

Much love,

Jackson L.

Holly Heart. said...

Thanks babes, lovesies yours too! XOXO