Friday, 4 March 2011

I had a great time at home and did some super fun things.  After I got off the train on Wednesday evening and returned to my flat I found my sweetest friends in my living room with balloons and sparkles everywhere.  I really was joking when I said I'd be in a big huff if I didn't get a surprise party, swearsies.  I feel almost guilty that I got one now after being a diva about it, but oh it was just so wonderful and lovely.

These are some of my favourites of the 450 photos we took that night:

They're just the absolute best and I genuinely was so surprised - I turned up to my own party without any make-up on, in flats and wearing my retainer!  The flat is such a mess now though, glitter everywhere and I really need to wash the floors.  Unfortunately I'm bedridden with tonsillitis and won't feel like cleaning any time soon.  I felt pretty horrible all day yesterday and thought it would have gone away by today, but I was up all night crying like a little drama queen because I couldn't sleep as my throat was too sore.  I dragged myself to A&E this morning at around 06:30 and waited for an hour and a half to be seen (everything health related from now on must be private!).  I begged the doctor to take my tonsils out but she just laughed at me and sent me home with some penicillin and orders to rest.  I'm so bored and moody and I just want someone to cheer me up.

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