Sunday, 13 March 2011

I've had a fairly relaxed week with birthday obligations quietening down slightly to around one per week and an overtime ban allowing me to work 5.5 hours less.  I enjoyed returning to my Friday night exercise/clean/tan routine, wearing a cute new pair of oyster coloured, snake-print shoes to work on Saturday and then seeing friends in the evening.  I had a lovely day with Cici today; we slept late then Facebook stalked in my bed before venturing out to Tinderbox for a coffee and a chat.  We came home and watched Beautiful Kate on Apple TV which I received for my birthday - I love that I can download a film so easily and not have to watch it on my tiny 13" laptop screen.

I first saw Beautiful Kate as part of the Contemporary World Cinema course at the GFT in July (when I just happened to be going through a phase where I was fascinated by incest...).  I love everything about that cinema and think it's absolutely gorgeous, I've seen some terrific things there but no matter how amazing what I see on the screen is, it can never live up to the stunning Art Deco interior.  I just think it's a lovely place to have so close by and I would miss places like it so much if I were to have to move back home.  It's kind of a last resort but I have been applying to colleges all over the country in the hopes of getting a place somewhere to build a portfolio to get to into a better course next year.  The course that it makes the most sense for me to do is at home but after living independently for 3 years, I just don't think I'd manage to go back to being treated like a child.

I love visiting home though and, work providing, may get a chance next weekend to return to celebrate my brother's 18th birthday and a yet another friend's 21st.  Hopefully the train ride will provide the time and environment which will allow me to actually read that book!


H Rija said...

Neat post!
You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

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Elba Sáez said...

me gusta mucho tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!

Catanya said...

I am going to meet Beautiful Kate right now!
I enjoyed reading your life update!
Pretty blog!