Thursday, 25 August 2011



Just got paid and I'm going to repurchase some old favourites I've almost ran out of and try out some new things - clearly all back-to-school essentials...  I should probably buy a pencil case or something too.



girlinthecity said...

oooooh, now that's my kinda back to school shopping trip ;)

a x
Girl in the City Glasgow

shanice said...

cute blog

the touche eclat is definetly one of my essentials and part of my everyday makeup routine its such a good highlighter and eyeshadow base.

Georgia White. said...

I would like all of these. x

Aoife said...

Hi lovely! Just found your blog and its fab! You are stunning too by the way :)

Haha TF lippie, Chanel and Nars.. totally get where youre coming from about necessities!

Have a nice week :) xx

Miss Independent said...

these are amazing back to school essentials!

Vintage Culture said...

I Love that!

please follow me and comment!
thanks! xxxx

Anonymous said...

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