Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I am so excited to have Mary Portas in my life again tonight in her new programme, Mary Portas: Secret Shopper.  I think everything about her is just so admirable; she commands respect and has an unmatchable passion and instinctive knowledge for what she does.

I remember listening to her "Desert Island Discs" Playlist on Radio 4 last year and learned about her difficult early life and how she built herself up into what she is today.  I found myself fixated on what she had done to forge such a career for herself, and despite being a two time university dropout managed to convince myself that I could do the same.  I decided to work my way up in the retail industry by changing to a full-time contract with my employer and making a real effort to learn everything I can.

One of the most important things I have learned in almost 5 years in retail is the importance of the customer; if you can't please your customer then you won't make any money.  So as hard as it can sometimes seem, it is crucial to maintain the attitude that "the customer is always right".
Not some of these customers though:

I found these on this section of where the public are encouraged to 'mystery shop' well known high street stores.  I don't like to be ignored in a shop, but some of these complaints are just ridiculous.  I hate Linda Stubbs for being so stupid and I think Sue just needs to come to terms with her size (nothing at Zara fits me because of my not-even-remotely-Spanish stature and I just avoid it).  

As much as I'm looking forward to watching this, I really hope it doesn't spark a new wave of customer who specifically try to test my patience and see how hard I'm willing to work!  

In other TV news:

  • I really liked Big, Fat Gypsy Weddings last night, the dresses are amazing.  Although it does leave me wondering where they get their money from...
  • River City this week was a total pantomime and it wasn't even the Christmas pantomime special.
  • I'm relishing a bit of time off work to watch a lot of Three/Four In a Bed on 4oD - there is nothing more enjoyable that old people bitching at each other, tensions are constantly high and I love it.  "These are the two gays' plates" WHAT?!
  • I totally hate the new Aviva advert because it's a wee bit morbid.  Nothing compared to this, which I was really into for ages.
I'm definitely going to do something sociable this week, I watch far too much TV.

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