Monday, 24 January 2011

I went home this weekend and stayed with my family; I had a lovely time and it was so nice to eat well and be treated to lots of cups of tea.  I met with my beautiful friend Heather and her amazing baby girl and we spent the day wandering from one Starbucks to another and laughing at things in the shops.  We can spend hours and hours with each other and never run out of things to say.

On Saturday evening I went to my friend Tracy's 21st birthday party, I haven't been out in my hometown in a very long time.  I get really anxious and nervous of seeing anyone I used to know and have an irrational paranoia that everyone hates me and are constantly gossiping about me.  It's exceptionally self-centered of me to think this and I ended up having a lovely time, once again proving that worrying is worthless.

I had a wonderful dream last night in which a beautiful hairdresser bearing resemblance to Nicolo from X-Factor fell in love with me.  He gave me a free head of highlights in his waterside salon and caused controversy with my colleagues - what more could I want?!

Here is what I'll be wearing when we get married:

Lanvin Tiered silk-gazar dress - £2740

I'll accessorise with:

It'll be such a beautiful day and I'm counting on the good people at to donate all these things to me - if not I hope they can live with themselves for destroying a young girl's dream.  Expect your Smythson invitation in the post any day now.

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