Friday, 14 January 2011

Last week I was ready to drop everything and become the next Nigella.  I had it all planned out; I would hone my skills over the coming months before quitting my job and creating cute confections from my home.  I'd sell to local businesses and then have my own quaint bakery in the West End before expanding to sweet neighbourhoods across the globe.  The peak of my career would come when I'd be offered my own television programme and range of cookware available in John Lewis, certainly not Debenhams.  I'd retire a multi-millionaire by the age of 30 and live the rest of my life as a fabulous recluse in a country manor.

Today I realised that I'll definitely have to come up with a Plan B.  I like the idea of baking, I like all the pretty decorations and I love the finished product but I find the process so tedious.  I start out with a charming concept, ready and raring to go - but 20 minutes in I get bored, myself and my kitchen are covered in flour, butter and eggs and my hand and arm begin to ache from all the mixing.  I'm also overly ambitious, attempting too many things at once and I never allocate a realistic time frame.  I'm left covered in edible glitter, swearing like Gordon Ramsey and in need of a strong drink.  Now who's going to buy into a concept like that?!  

I made sugar cookies and burned the stars.

And Cake Pops as seen on Bakerella

Is it possible to inhale calories?  Because I feel like I've gained about 10lbs just simply by being surrounded by all that sugar.

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