Monday, 7 February 2011

I don't really know why I watch Glee, because I think I hate it; it makes the cringe so much and I despise almost all of the characters.  I don't find it empowering and it only makes me wish I had gone to school with a babe like Brittany.  I realise almost everything I either write about or talk about is T.V. related, but there genuinely isn't much else going on in my life.

Tuesdays are my favourite nights because I have a strict schedule which takes me right from 18:30 when I get in from work until about 11ish, allowing me to go to sleep at a respectable hour.  Unfortunately for the past two weeks I've been required to leave my flat and socialise on a Tuesday evening which messes everything up for the rest of the week.

This seems to be becoming my new routine as tomorrow I'm going out to Sub Club for a friend's birthday.  I can't really afford to buy anything new so I'll just have to recycle horrible, washed out things that I've worn a billion times.  I'm thinking of just wearing a plain black maxi skirt and a little white t-shirt as a pre-season attempt at my favourite look for S/S 2011; a basic cotton tee worn with a dramatic, floor skimming skirt as seen at Jil Sander:

Photo credit Elle UK

Obvs I'm not as cute and tiny as lovely Chanel Iman and won't be able to spend £580 on a fluoro-pink maxi, but I'll give it a go in monochrome with some DIY bling nails.  I'm planning to paint them with a couple of coats of Frou Frou by GOSH tonight and add some diamantés and a glittery topcoat in the morning.  I'm exceptionally tacky, someone propose to me so I can have a wedding like the gypsies.

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