Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I said to myself that I wouldn't go to bed tonight until my room was clean and tidy and, although I left it until around 10PM to stop being distracted by everything and actually start putting things away, it's finished.  I won't dread waking up tomorrow and being surrounded by clothes, dishes and magazines strewn all over the place and I'll hopefully have an amazing sleep.  During cleaning I discovered that I had a fairly sizeable amount of our dishes in my bedroom:

4 wine glasses
9 mugs
2 plastic beakers
7 spoons
2 knives
1 fork
2 bowls
3 glasses
and a ramekin

How sick is that?!  That's probably not even the worst haul ever.  I'm just waiting for my sheets to finish drying and so I decided to do a comedy take on the popular  "What's in my bag?" post:

Highlights include:

15 tea bags - Slim Plus and Green tea
Nars Orgasm blush, Hoola by Benefit bronzer, Viva Glam Gaga 1 and Impassioned lipsticks by M.A.C
4 packets of cigarettes (3 are empty)
Moleskine and 2 Sharpies
Teeth whitening gel
Stain removing wipes
Airwaves Cherry Menthol chewing gum and Werther's Original candies

I'm disgusting I know - my manager points it out every time I leave the shop, as she has to check my bag to make sure I'm not stealing shoe polish or insoles or something.  I'll sort it out one of these days.

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