Thursday, 10 February 2011

Yeah, I'm not exactly lovely right now but these are my gorge nails.  Nails are my obsession du jour and I'm stocking up on loads of rhinestones, glitter and heart & bow shapes from eBay.  I don't find embellished nails to be a hinderance at all (although I've had to replace a few little gems from putting deliveries away and generally working so hard) - I just can't stop looking at them!  I feel like a little princess.

I've had them on since lunchtime on Tuesday and I'm planning on keeping them on until at least Sunday when I'll have a day off to come up with something new.  I might add some extra hearts tonight because I want to look so bling for Thunder Disco Club tomorrow night.  It's another friend's birthday, I know I'm super popular, and she's just so lovely and always thinking of others that I just want her to have the best time.  Obviously my nails will contribute to that...

Joking, Cici is currently baking up one of her famous three-tiered cakes and I'm not going to eat all day tomorrow just so that I can have a massive slice

P.S. If anyone wants to comment at some point that'd be totally cool with me.

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antonio__yeah? said...

GREAT update! im such a big fan of yours. yes your nails are lovely. i just wonder how you took that picture hands-free..?