Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I woke up this morning with my skin a rather lovely shade of brown slightly orange, my teeth a perfect shade of white and both my fingernails and toenails were beautiful.  On my hands I'm wearing Frou Frou and on my feet I have Holographic, both by GOSH - I'd post a picture but my feet are gross.  I'm really into nails and especially love duochrome polishes, anything with a bit of glitter and I have such a need for nail embellishments right now.

I found out about the Maybelline Valentine's Day nail collection from 2009 this week:

It was only available, along with clear and pink versions, for a short amount of time and so I have been consumed with finding an alternative.  Luckily my hunt has led me to discover Nicole for OPI and Have a Heart which in turn led me to discover the "One Less Lonely Girl" collection by Justin Beiber.  He's so  cute and this makes me like him even more. The polishes are lovely and different and the names are brilliant: 

"Step 2 the Beat of My Heart" is definitely my fave because it has multi-coloured hearts in it and I'm always a fan of numbers replacing words.  The collection is in support of Pencils of Promise which aims to build schools and increase education in developing countries.  Did I mention that I think he is an absolutely lovely wee boy?!

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