Thursday, 3 February 2011

I totally want to start taking outfit photos and showing all of you (3) readers how amazing I look, however I woke up this morning, put on a boring black dress and went to work.  Then on my way home I got soaked by the rain and blown about by the gail force winds.  It's not exactly a good idea to take a lovely b&w photo of myself right now either, as I'm currently sitting in tartan pyjama trousers and a massive hoodie eating Wotsits and specially selected candies from Haribo Kiddie's Super Mix.  If I put in the effort though, I can show you how amazingly average I look - generic babe.

The shop was really quiet today and I ate my body weight in mini brownies and mini muffins.  We hardly sold anything and I spent my entire day completing menial tasks and hanging out.  My New Year's resolution was to stop showing off at work, but I actually only lasted about a day as I got really bored.  My colleagues humour me and seem to enjoy my terrible dancing and ridiculous anecdotes.  I lap up the attention and enjoy constantly having an audience but if I wasn't myself I just know that I'd be someone I hate.

It's my day off tomorrow and plans include going to the gym in the morning, making Parsnip and Ginger soup, possibly some baking and a bit of housework.

P.S. The new series of Skins is so bad - I'm constantly cringing and finding the heavy metal soundtrack tonight to be a total racket.

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